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What is your passion?


(Written & Directed by Paul Shoulberg)

Pigasus Pictures' first feature film, took home the 2017 Panavision Best Feature Film award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. As well as the Leonardo DaVinci's Horse Award for Best Screenplay at the 2017 Milan International Film Festival. It was then released nationwide on September 8th, 2017 by Broad Green Pictures and was picked up for worldwide distribution by Gravitas Ventures. The film is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Blu-Ray/DVD, and Netflix (USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.)  



Daniel is a young, idealistic priest who loves his work more than anything. While he struggles to find balance between the dueling philosophies of his mentors, Father Victor, an old school, no nonsense traditionalist, and Father Ollie, a chain smoking, carb addicted Franciscan, Daniel's passion for his calling never waivers. And then he meets Jane. After a chance encounter during a late night confession, the complicated and mysterious Jane, starts to open up Daniel's world to an entirely different set of possibilities. And problems. As new bonds form and old ones are tested, Daniel must decide what his true calling really is - and whether or not he has the courage to answer it.

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Lex has a unique ability to connect with the dying...

it's everyone else she has a problem with.


ms. white light
(Written & Directed by Paul Shoulberg)

is the story of Lex Cole (Roberta Colindrez), a young woman who counsels terminally ill clients that have trouble letting go. While proving uniquely talented in her ability to connect with the dying, Lex is at a total loss when it comes to dealing with everyone else. Armed with only the misguided guidance of Garret (John Ortiz), her father and business partner, unsolicited loyalty from Nora (Carson Meyer), a former client obsessed with samurai culture, and an awkward romance with Spencer, a seductive, but morally ambiguous psychic, Lex struggles to help Valerie (Judith Light), her most challenging client yet.

When Valerie, a sharp-tongued free spirit who simply has no time for her own mortality, refuses to play by Lex's rules, Lex is forced to question her own decisions, and must decide if the business of dying is truly worth it...even at the cost of living her life.

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Pigasus Pictures' Second Feature Film will be released fall 2018

Roberta Colindrez, Zachary Spicer and Carson Meyer
with John Ortiz and Judith Light

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two thirteen year old girls share a home and a sleepless night of adventure. 

Through the wiNdow

Inspired by her favorite video games growing up, Kira Daniels wrote and co-directed a stunning short film about an unconventionally close relationship between two young girls. The Indiana production company, Pigasus Pictures, held a high school screenwriting competition called Project Pigasus, where they picked one screenplay from high schoolers all over the state of Indiana to help fund and produce. Kira Daniels from Madison, Indiana had the winning screenplay and all equipment and support was brought to make a short film in one of the smallest towns in Indiana. High school students from Southwestern High School from Madison, Indiana had different positions on the film set and were guided by local professionals who allowed these high school students to use their equipment. The aim of Project Pigasus is to foster the talent of the next generation of filmmakers in the state of Indiana and generate greater exposure for Indiana's growing film industry.

*winner of Project Pigasus*

Project Pigasus is a state-wide screenwriting competition for Indiana students in grades 9-12. In collaboration with professional filmmakers and a corporate sponsor, the winning screenplay will be fully produced and realized. Upon completion, the short film will be showing before select in-state screenings of Pigasus Pictures' feature films and will subsequently be sold online with all proceeds benefitting artistic endeavors for the young artists. The film will also be submitted for consideration to major film festivals nationwide.

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Even the worst of us are capable of good intentions.

At Me or With Me
(written & directed by paul shoulberg)

“I’m offering you a chance to do a selfless thing, for a really terrible person.”  Colin has lived his life doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons.  But his mistakes have caught up with him and now it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror.